the hang or hang drum as it is popularly known, is an amazing modern creation yet it sounds ancient

western made but influenced by the east and by the caribbean

its overtones and its simplicity are it’s keystone

it opens you up and lifts you up with a grace and gentleness not usually associated with the hardness of steel

this is a kind of alchemy, of touch, metal and sound

the steel, the heart and the soul are all resonant chambers

it’s a real pleasure and a blessing to share this resonance with people

available for gigs, weddings, festivals, celebrations, gallery openings, funerals, soundbaths, dance events, yoga classes, meditation and bodywork events

My current set up consist of three Handpans and a Woodskin Cajon with a Bass pedal inside that allows me to add beats with my feet and play up-tempo danceable electro esque music as well as the transcendent chill stuff you normally hear with the hang.

Hang with:

like to hear the hang with other instruments ?

how about an african inspired fusion then?… together with Holly Marland the Kora Queen of the North West – the beautiful sounds of the african Kora – a 21 string harp like instrument – complement the hang delightfully as we weave west african melody and rhythm and vocal together with the overtones of the hang. also available as a trio with Double Bass too…very lovely! see Media link to Mysterious Collective

or in a more upbeat ensemble ?

i can play indian tablas as well as hang with an african,arabic or afro-cuban style drummer to get people moving, dancing and trancing

what about dance ? the hang is great to dance to……

I have worked with dora frankel dance company and cellist penny callow on a compostion of original music designed for the production ‘bitter, sweet and dark’
“the three works explore very different aspects of life through dance, theatre and music”…. as well as with ‘live rhythms’ and shamanic trance dance with percussion

a selection of previous bookings/commisions includes:
the Biscuit factory , Irwin mitchell solicitors ,the Hilton Gateshead and Slaley Hall hotel (asian weddings),Trashed Organ , Ten by Ten, Bykerfest, Show Racism the Red Card, Gem Arts ,
dawn felicia knox (artist – installation work), Jibba Jabba